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Eating healthy on the road

Blessed to say my current situation is a zero-travel situation, but at previous employers I was required to travel AT LEAST one week a month. Being on the road I quickly realized two things: (1) hotel...


May 14, 2021

I wish all the agency updates were in one place...

Well guess what we’re going to learn how to build today. Harnessing the infinite power of the internet, we are going to run what’s called a “table scrape” on the OSHA and NIOSH websites and pull some ...


April 23, 2021

Group chat is lit

No I’m not talking about the 15 person in-law group chat, though I’m sure that one gets lively too. This one would ideally have a few other safety pros, and (hopefully) sits near the top of your inbox...


April 17, 2021

Photographing your workplace

It’s common for safety pros to photograph incidents of unsafe workplace conditions when walking through the facility. These photos are then typically sent to managers, supervisors, and/or employees to...


April 9, 2021

Why there’s caution tape around administrative controls

Ever walked into a bank and wondered why they don’t keep stacks of money in the lobby? Of course not! It’s obvious the reason banks don’t do this is because people would steal it. Banks keep their mon...


April 2, 2021

Imagine if your workflow looked like this 👇

Alright, now let’s duplicate that for you in about 45 seconds. Ready? Step 1: Copy the text in this google doc:


March 26, 2021

Soon to be meme Grant Taleck likes walking

On March 13, 2021 Grant Taleck walked 33.09 miles. Let that sink in. The walk lasted 9 hours 26 minutes, and by the end of it he had this to say in a DM to me: “And mow my legs are extremely sore” (no...


March 14, 2021

Safety Culture??

What is a safety culture? How is this safety culture achieved? How do you handle adversity while trying to obtain this culture? What do you mean by building a safety culture from the ground up? These...


March 9, 2021

The Queen’s Gambit

Have you seen this Netflix original show? It’s about a girl who is an orphan and grows up to be an amazing chess player. She learns all about chess from the maintenance man at her orphanage. Instead o...


March 5, 2021

Why nobody tells you anything

Ever felt like you were the last person to find out about a job or project? Of course you have! It happens to pretty much everyone, regardless of the field you’re in. However, this may start to be con...


March 2, 2021

Development of the Safety Industry

When we look around the Safety Industry, we are awed by the large diverse segments. Many of those practicing the craft fell into the industry serendipitously. It’s great to see how so many people want...


March 2, 2021

The Burden of EHS Management

I may be a newcomer here, but I'm not new to Safety. I've been in this field close to 10 years and by accident at that. When i graduated from college with my Bachelor's in Biological Sciences, I nev...


March 1, 2021

Google Sheets > Excel. Safety edition.

The biggest reason?👇


February 24, 2021

Renovation Show Safety

I was recently watching a renovation show and was thinking about the lack of safety that goes on with the contractors. Even the basics - why aren't they wearing safety glasses when they are knocking o...


February 19, 2021

Color matters in the workplace.

Colors. Not generally something safety professionals give much thought to in the field. However we as humans make constant subconscious associations with specific colors, especially in the workplace. ...


February 19, 2021

Making a tech product in the EHS niche #justbuildit

For those interested in creating new tech within the EHS field, the purpose of this article is to show that it’s easier than you may think to execute on your ideas. My name is David Jaenike and I buil...


February 16, 2021